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Madison, Wisconsin has a rich and illustrious history, with many famous residents and associations. It has long been a host to creativity, discovery, and invention, and as home to the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison, it's a breeding ground for scholarly investigations and achievements.

As a resident of the Madison area for many years, as well as academic staff at UW-Madison for 12 years, over time I had become aware of many interesting stories about current and former Madisonians who had achieved fame or notoriety in the national, international, and even cosmological arenas, including 31 Pulitzer Prize Awardees (32 prizes awarded), 19 Nobel Laureates (20 prizes awarded), entertainers, sports figures, artists, and entrepreneurs.

A very brief list of some of the better-known individuals who have lived in Madison includes:

Notable companies and organizations that originated in Madison include:
My goal is to highlight all of Madison's famous residents in one place and to especially provide details (when available) related to their time in Madison. I believe this story wasn't being told anywhere else, and that it needs to be.
Help me tell the many amazing stories that have not only come out of Madison, but which have shaped its destiny. - Donna Troestler

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