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Jane Wiedlin

Jane Wiedlin would move to Madison in 2007 for love, but she and her partner would leave after several years to live in San Francisco with it's much more appealing climate, i.e., sans the cold winters.

She was a founding member of the first and only all-female band to play all of their instruments and write all of their songs to top the BillBoard charts at number one. The band's debut album would also break records in terms of sales.

Though Jane Wiedlin has had many professions in her lifetime, including a solo music career, acting, and ordained minister who performs weddings (a.k.a. "Reverend Sister Go-Go"), she'll always be best known for co-founding the Go-Go's.

Jane was born in the Milwaukee suburb of Oconomowoc, WI and spent her early childhood in another suburb, West Allis, until her father accepted a job in Los Angeles when she was six-years-old.

So, she was a Wisconsinite to begin with and is fond of the Midwest (but not the winters).

She called Madison home from 2007 until she moved back to California in 2012, but recalls it fondly.
"To me, it's [Madison] the best of both worlds. It has the Midwest charm and hominess but it also has very sophisticated, worldly views, and there's an amazing, diverse collection of restaurants here, which is important to me, because I don't know how to cook.... My whole life and my whole career I've always felt a little bit different than the people around me, and I never could understand what it was. And now I think it's because I'm from the Midwest, and I think that makes you different. People here have certain innate values and ways of being that are different from people in other places."
When in Madison, she lived in Maple Bluff and played at some of the local venues, including the Willy Street Fair with her band, Lady Robotika, and also frequented the High Noon Saloon.

After a split from her partner, she has now purchased a home in Hawaii and this year (2016), the Go-Go's have just completed their Farewell Tour.

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